We turn social impact ideas into reality.

Capitol Impact is a leading provider of strategy design, policy development, capacity building, and philanthropy advising to the social sector. Our firm brings an entrepreneurial approach to leadership and consulting, with a track record for catalyzing small initiatives to statewide movements.



Strategy Design

We elevate your organization’s position as a leader in your field.

We provide strategy development and implementation support to foundations looking to maximize their impact. We partner with you to position your grantmaking, networks, advocacy efforts, and other non-monetary community activities to solve big problems. As an initial step, we develop a strategy blueprint informed by our landscape analysis, grantee research, policy insights, community connections, and design thinking.


Project Incubation

We take new social impact ideas to market.

We provide startup support for new ideas that show potential to become movement-level solutions. We work intensively with key stakeholders to design the program, test its effectiveness, and build a model scalable to the challenge. Once mature, projects may spinoff to become independent, or we can provide ongoing management services.


Grantee Vetting & Support

We maximize your grantmaking efficacy.

We screen grantee prospects to ensure fitness for investment and significance to the mission. Prospect analysis includes leadership capacity, program effectiveness, timing of investment, inclusiveness, and innovative practice. Once a grant has been made, we can continue to help grantees through technical assistance, capacity building, and leadership coaching. We can also design and facilitate convenings to support collaboration and align the work of your grantees.


Policy Change

We provide training and technical assistance to improve policy outcomes for nonprofits.

We offer a policy laboratory for nonprofits teams who aspire to test, implement, and scale a policy strategy in California. Most nonprofits that represent and work with disadvantaged communities often seek to impact public policy and influence policymakers but fail. The reality is that most nonprofits do not have policymaking or advocacy chops, so asking them to shift toward incorporating advocacy into their theory of change and day-to-day work is unrealistic without investment in their capacity. Our policy laboratory helps nonprofit build capacity and real-world expertise that can quickly move policy efforts forward. Essentially, we can help to create a soup-to-nuts campaign and provide the know-how so nonprofits can continue to do this work on their own.


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